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This Blog is a collection of excerpts from talks given by Sri Swami Vishwananda. Please note that this Blog does not focus on dates, background and the exact original way of how Swamiji delivered the speech. We edit the talks slightly, presenting them in a kind of “poetic” format. This means we choose certain paragraphs from a talk which reflect a particular theme.
Read them as pieces of Divine Wisdom, meditate upon the words and just feel how Swamiji is addressing you with His words.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The manifestation of the Hiranyagarbha Lingam part 2

We are very happy to provide you today the second excerpt of Sri Swami Vishwananda's Speech on Monday, the 30th November in the Babaji Cave in Springen:

Sri Swami Vishwananda:
What you’re experiencing now, means for sure – in general I am talking - you have done really
good things because it’s not always that you see the Hiranyagarbha Lingam. Even the Devas, they long for that. Because it cannot even be created by Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh; it can be created only, well…by somebody living… Well they [Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh] live also somewhere (laugh). Today we are celebrating Babaji’s day. Who knows what it is today? Today we celebrate the decision of Mahavatar Babaji to stay on earth. You see, Babaji wanted to leave this planet. Then his sister interceded, and said “It doesn’t make any difference for you whether you are there or here. So why don’t you stay?” Actually it’s on this day, 1800 years ago plus some years that he chose to live and immortalized himself here in this world. So that’s what we are commemorating today. It’s like a renewal that he will be always there to help humanity whenever it’s needed.
So it’s time now for the changes to happen. It’s time that humanity calls upon him and receives his help. Whether humanity calls him or not, he will help. But from us it’s a nice gesture to do so. And you all get the blessing of the Hiranyagarbha Lingam, so I hope all of you will profit. And whoever is in your thoughts, in your prayers will also profit and the whole world as well.
Jai Gurudev!

After the ceremony:
So you can meditate on the Hiranyagarbha Lingam. Meditate and see the Lingam here, on your third eye, then bring it into your heart. Just see the image first in your mind and bring the image in your heart, and let the Lingam merge into your heart. You see it's equal blessing even just to see a picture of the Hiranyagarbha Lingam.
So you are blessed to see the Lingam itself.

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