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Read them as pieces of Divine Wisdom, meditate upon the words and just feel how Swamiji is addressing you with His words.

Monday, 18 January 2010

If you really want something, make it happen!

Devotee 12: I was wondering what you have to say about the concept, that we can co-create our Universe.
By using the power of the mind or visualization, we can create anything…

Sri Swami Vishwananda: Yes, the belief has to be there.
This is the state of the mind also, how to better use the mind.
If you really want something, the belief in it will make it happen.
But the mind has to be focused and clear about it, because the mind is always jumping.
Today you want this; tomorrow you want that- then how it will be clear?
It will never be clear.
So, when somebody really wants something, everyday the mind is so much focused on that, that it makes it happen.
This is by learning to control the mind.
It’s true that you create your own universe.
You create your own world, your own reality, because this is the power of the mind.
The mind is very powerful.
Like scientists themselves said, also in the Vedas it is said: Human beings use only 5% of
their mind, 95% is still dormant.
Imagine you would use this 95% and the 5% would be dormant, but it’s sad- only a few people do that. (smiling)

Here i would like to share with you a wonderful link to an amazing movie. I haven't watched it yet, but my Dad gave me the book at the weekend and now i already finished reading it. The books called "Heal your life", just like the movie. It is about what Guruji is always preaching: If we change or thinking and become positive, our whole life will automatically change and become just how we want to have it. We are our own creator and the director of "our life".


This entertaining and inspirational movie based on the best-selling book of the same name is hosted by author and teacher Louise L. Hay. This film gives penetrating insights into Louise's fascinating personal story; and shows how her views on self-esteem, abundan
ce, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments were developed. It also reveals how she applied these concepts to her own emotional, spiritual, and professional life. A number of luminaries in the fields of self-help, philosophy, health, spirituality, and New Thought join Louise, giving their take on success, happiness, and the myriad ways in which people can heal their own lives. And there are also gripping firsthand accounts from others who have been positively affected by Louise's work.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yes we can change our lives. But even health or success is but a plaything, and should not be craved for as such, only the one that craves for enlightenment like the drowning man, going down for the third time, as Swamiji once said, will have enlightenment. Or in other words, read today´s story of St. Anthony the Great on the saints blogspot...
also do not forget that many people have to be strict to their children, as unfortunately without exhortation few children do really understand...and "child" is actually any younger person in a wider sense...JGD

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