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This Blog is a collection of excerpts from talks given by Sri Swami Vishwananda. Please note that this Blog does not focus on dates, background and the exact original way of how Swamiji delivered the speech. We edit the talks slightly, presenting them in a kind of “poetic” format. This means we choose certain paragraphs from a talk which reflect a particular theme.
Read them as pieces of Divine Wisdom, meditate upon the words and just feel how Swamiji is addressing you with His words.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Narasimha in His ugra (terrifying ) form

Sri Swami Vishwananda is talking about the ugra (terryfying form) of Narasingha Dev. (The Half Lion /Half Man incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who came to save Bhakta Prahlad and killed the demon Hiranyakashipur)

We will talking a bit about Narshingadev. You see, the form of Narshinga / Narashima, is most of the time very terrifying. It's terrifying, because whatever negativity we have inside of us is also terrifying for the soul. It's a danger for the soul. So the form of Narshinga (Narashima ) is more terrifying than terrifying itself.

So when all this negativity which is inside of us says: “Look, I am great!” What does the Lord show us? He Says: “ Ok, you are great but I am the greater one!” So, He shows Himself in His more powerful form. And this Ugra-form- Ugra means the form of anger- that he expresses, is to kill the anger, pride, egoism inside of us, showing that He is above this. And if you hang on Him, He will remove, He will strip all this negativity out of somebody. But only if you surrender....
If you dont surrender- difficult. You see: If you want do something in life, then give yourself completely into it, but if you just touch this or touch that little by little, it will never work.

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