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This Blog is a collection of excerpts from talks given by Sri Swami Vishwananda. Please note that this Blog does not focus on dates, background and the exact original way of how Swamiji delivered the speech. We edit the talks slightly, presenting them in a kind of “poetic” format. This means we choose certain paragraphs from a talk which reflect a particular theme.
Read them as pieces of Divine Wisdom, meditate upon the words and just feel how Swamiji is addressing you with His words.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Swami Vishwananda tells the story of Sathya Kama

Sri Swami Vishwananda says "A saint, Sathya Kama, approached a great sage, Bai Hari Drumatha. This great sage had the Divine knowledge, he was always fully absorbed in the Divine consciousness. Sathya Kama approached him and said, “Can you please instruct me into Brahma Gyaan, give me the knowledge of Brahman?". Having talked with him, the Guru selected 400 cows from his herd; weak and in an extremely terrible state. He went with him to the stable and took with him 400 weak cows, and asked Sathya Kama to follow them. The cows were lead, 400 of them, and behind was Sathya Kama. They all went towards the forest as instructed by the guru. He had great reverence and great enthusiasm and joy, because he was doing what the guru told him to do. Sathya Kama said, “I shall return with their number swollen to a thousand. He was very determined, he had great love in listening to the word of the master. He went and found a nice place with lots of grass, water, and he stayed there until the cows had increased to 1,000. With such determination and such awareness; he had a clear aim inside his mind, that he would not return to the ashram of his guru until that was fulfilled.

Every day his mind was fully absorbed only on the feet of the master. There was not a single moment where he would not think about his master, he had this deep longing inside of him. After many years, finally this herd reached 1,000. He counted and was very happy and enthusiastic. He returned back to the ashram and on the way, he attained enlightenment, full realization. He didn’t do much, just the advice of the master, just the blessing; through carrying out his duty with full love and surrender, with extreme reverence. He followed the advice of the master without any questioning, without any hesitation, with full faith, so that the duty which he received became his worship. Through that he attained self-realisation, God-realisation, just through listening to the advice of the master, nothing else."

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